Company Profile

Khalifa Steel Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, comprehensive enterprise based in Doha, State of Qatar. As a recognized market leader in steel products, we have a proven record in setting new trends and introducing alternative solutions.

Since the establishment in 2009, Khalifa Steel Industries has grown to become a forward-thinking, client-focused supplier of quality products sourced from around the world. Our early projects included supplying steel reinforcement and building material products to the construction projects and various high and low-rise housing community development projects in Qatar.

In 2010 up to January 31, 2014 our major achievement was the Award of Authorized Distributorship License from Qatar Steel Co.

Within the next two years we crossed another major milestone by establishing our Steel Processing Plant for manufacturing Welded Reinforcement Wire Mesh, Deformed Wire Rod in Coils and Cut & Bend facility in New Industrial Area and have since become the biggest manufacturer of Welded Reinforcement Wire Mesh and Deformed Wire Rod in Coils in State of Qatar.

Khalifa Steel Industries has established its client base not only in private, but in major government, commercial and industrial projects developments as well. With hundreds of projects completed, the company has gained strong reputation for quality and reliability.

Having established a strong base and the entire necessary infrastructure for future development, Khalifa Steel industries W.L.L. is proud to introduce a new Exclusive Distributorship. From 1st of February 2014, Khalifa Steel Industries is an Exclusive Distributor of Emirates Steel in State of Qatar.

Khalifa Steel Industries is committed to provide its clients with the best of service which is tailored for individual requirements. From our highly qualified sales team through our experienced production personnel, our goal is to produce best quality products available on the spot for urgent requirements.

Khalifa Steel Industries is ready to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients and is committed to comply with customized delivery schedules together with highest requirements of specifications and product quality.

Throughout our successful history, we have contributed most of our efforts and experience into competitiveness and productivity considering "Quality" as a top priority so we can better serve our valuable clients. We are even more committed today in giving our customers the best value and a strong professional support.

Khalifa Steel Industries is one of the most reliable and technologically advanced manufacturers of steel reinforcement in the industry.

The fundamentals of our success are close cooperation with our customers, a highly-qualified staff and continuous innovation, development and improvement!

Corporate Structure

Our company operates throguh matrix management system structure, type of organizational management system in which people with similar skills are pooled for work assignments and projects (teams), resulting in more efficient and time saving task completion.

Key People

CEO - Sheikh Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al Thani
Managing Director - Mr. Murad Taymaskhanov
Finance Manager - Mr. Hany Al Gaber
Sales Manager - Mr. Noufal V. Valippil


Our vision is to set a milestone in steel and timber industry by providing unrivaled service and satisfaction to our clients, by supplying products of the highest global standards at the most competitive prices.
We wish to be recognized for reliability, responsiveness, commitment, competence and best customer service by keeping our leading position in the market and further developing our operating excellence in our activities, keeping the business ethics on paramount priority by exceeding client’s expectation, achieving most optimum efficiency of our human resources and significantly increasing our market share.


Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive range of building materials in conformity with established contracting policies and procedures together with constant improvement of such essentials as quality service and quality management.

Our Objective is to build a strong brand value that makes us unique in all aspects and we aim for complete satisfaction of our clients, thereby making us the market leader of our business segment with highest integrity and unmatched business standards.

Our business approach is value based. We use values to guide our behavior within the organization, towards our customers, our partners and our communities. Our corporate values have been set by our leadership, by which all our business processes are guided:

» Honesty
» Integrity
» Respect
» Development
» Passion


Quality Management System
Khalifa Steel Industries has developed and implemented a quality management system to demonstrate its ability to provide services that consistently meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements, and to address customer satisfaction through the effective application of the quality management system, including continual improvement and the prevention of nonconformities.
ISO 9001:2005 Certificates 1 | 2

Third Party Testing
At Khalifa Steel Industries, we submit our products to a series of independently assessed third party tests. This helps us to ensure quality through the whole cycle, beggining from procurement of raw materials, upto delivery.

Responsible Sourcing
Keeping in pace with resonsible sourcing practices, Khalifa Steel Industries ensures that all our vendors go through proper registration process, by providing relevant documentation, certifying origins of products from the best manufacturers in the industry. We constantly monitor compliance of vendors up to local and international standards.

Creating a safe and healthy work environment is a part of Khalifa Steel Industries’ dynamic culture. The value of safety at Khalifa Steel Industries in everything we do. Khalifa Steel Industries will not compromise the health and safety of its people. KSI employees look out for each other with a goal of zero incidents.

Through participation of all our staff, we conduct fire & safety drills, safety seminars and awareness campaigns on constant basis.

Green Approach

Khalifa Steel Industries' growing commitment to sustainability is grounded by the guiding principle of social responsibility and environmental stewardship. We realize the importance of more than just economic sustainability by also making a positive impact in local communities and environment.

Khalifa Steel Industries conducts its business with respect and consideration for the environment. We strive actively to reduce our overall impact on the environment by targeting annual reductions in our carbon intensity and the management of waste, water, paper, vehicle emissions and energy consumption.

▸Paper & Toner Waste Reduction & Optimization Program -- In progress (Report Pending)

▸Iron Oxide & Carbon Powder Recycling Program -- In progress (Report Pending)

Khalifa Steel Industries is fully committed to financial compliance and has a zero tolerance towards fraud, bribery and corruption across the industry and as a whole.

Our financial practices are IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and Qatari Commercial Law compliant.

As part of our pledge towards the above, we ensure that our books are fully audited and scrutinized by one of the most prestigious auditing companies in the world.

For the last two consecutive years, Khalifa Steel Industries entrusts PriceWaterhouseCoopers to conduct annual audits and has full commitment towards financial transparency.

Being successful national company, both financially and strategically, our leadership shares the need and aspirations with the leadership to create an ideal Islamic society,

As part of that obligation and social commitment, Khalifa Steel Industries is proud to be certified as Zakat Compliant Company throguh Zakat Fund of Qatar for the last 3 consecutive years.
Certificate 2012 | Certificate 2013 | Certificate 2014

Business Development // We encourage and support our employees for professional development, acquisition of skills and knowledge, both for personal development and for career advancement.

Professional Development // We encourage and support our employees for professional development, acquisition of skills and knowledge, both for personal development and for career advancement.

Community & Social Development // Khalifa Steel Industries is fully committed to supporting and assisting the communities in which we operate through a variety of means including charitable fund-raising, sponsorship of community projects and voluntary work by employees. We conduct our business with respect and consideration for the good of local communities, taking steps to minimize any disturbance as a result of our operations. We will also serve local interests by providing good employment opportunities and effective services and products.

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