We cooperate with leading construction and building materials trading companies in establishing local distribution and supply bases to meet the diversifying needs of construction industry of Qatar.



Head Office
New Industrial Area, Pink Zone
Tel: +974 4444 1112 / Fax: +974 4456 6561
Email: info@khalifasteel.com
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Cash Sales Store
Industrial Area, Street 8, Gate 56.
Tel: +974 4468 4800 / Fax: +974 4468 4801
Email: street8@khalifasteel.com
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Dukhan Highway, Shahiniya
Tel: +974 4444 1112 / Fax: +974 4456 6561
Email: skshahaniya@khalifasteel.com
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Key Contacts

Managing Director - Mr. Murad Taymaskhanov
Email: murad@khalifasteel.com

Finance Manager - Mr. Hany Gaber
Mobile: 55591455 Email: hany@khalifasteel.com
Sales Manager - Mr. Noufal V. Valappil
Mobile: 33002660 Email: noufal@khalifasteel.com

Chief Accountant - Mr. Erick Caburian
Mobile: 66763661 Email: erick@khalifasteel.com
Head of Cash Sales Store - Mr. Abraham Nacent
Mobile: 66794113 Email: abraham@khalifasteel.com

Executive Purchasing Officer - Mrs. Armie Bergonio
Mobile: 33191715 Email: armie@khalifasteel.com
Production Engineer -Mr. Sandeep Kumar Choudhary
Mobile: 66767405 Email: production@khalifasteel.com

Operations Manager - Mr. Sudhir Attingal
Mobile: 33002655 Email: sudhir@khalifasteel.com
Logistics Manager - Mr. Jaber Al Habak
Mobile: 55557305 Email: logistics@khalifasteel.com

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Sales Team

Our highly experienced and dedicated sales team is ready to assist you and will work with you by taking the time to understand your needs, to develop tailor made solutions for your project.

Sales Manager - Mr. Noufal V. Valippil
Mobile: 33002660 | Email: noufal@khalifasteel.com

Assistant to Sales Manager - Mr. Shafeek Kurudiyath
Mobile: 33114818 | Email: shafeek@khalifasteel.com
Sales Executive - Mr. Moideen Valiyakandi
Mobile: 66538940 Email: moideen@khalifasteel.com

Sr. Sales Executive - Mr. Mohd. Shaheen
Mobile: 55366071 Email: shaheen@khalifasteel.com
Sales Store in Charge - Mr. Abraham Nacent
Mobile: 66794113 Email: abraham@khalifasteel.com

Sr. Sales Executive - Mr. Aijaz Khan
Mobile: 33383562 Email: aijazkhan@khalifasteel.com