Message from CEO

Our main goal is to be a supplier of choice for our customers. We guarantee excellent service for our clients along with our commitment to supply products of highest quality. At Khalifa Steel Industries, we are convinced that a responsible approach to business is a decisive factor determining our long term success. One of our most important company assets is our reputation for ethical behavior, honesty and fair dealing.
In such a highly competitive environment, Khalifa Steel Industries, managed to build a solid base and a flawless reputation. Khalifa Steel is the leading manufacturer of Reinforcement products such as Welded Wire Mesh, Deformed Wire Rod in Coils, Cut & Bend, and Mild Steel Bars of various diameters.
Our products are in compliance with all International & local standards supported with certificates from Government approved Laboratories in State of Qatar.
It is an honor to be a part of such dynamic & hard working team of professionals who have strived with their loyalty & dedication to bring KSI to its current status.
We are proud to announce our Exclusive Distributorship from Emirates Steel in State of Qatar. This achievement makes us unique while maintaining our competitive edge in the market.
Along with 2030 vision of Qatar we stand behind our commitment, integrity and service excellence, aimed towards enhancement of service quality and the life of our people.

- Sheikh Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al-Thani - Chief Executive Officer

Message from Managing Director/GM

Khalifa Steel Industries W.L.L. has been a supplier of choice for many clients due to our strategies and the transparent business approach towards our business partners. The valuable support from our loyal clients and the opportunities that we have developed through a wide business network has been our key to growth and prosperity.
We make sure that our service excellence translates into actions with client’s requirements through our quality management system, through various products & services provided by Khalifa Steel Industries and the highest standard of performance which is demonstrated and maintained in the past & will be continuously developed in the coming future.
It is important to be at par with technological innovations and to be continuously in research and motion for enhancement; Khalifa Steel Industries believes that business must be forward-thinking, decisive, creating strategies to meet business challenges. Now, Khalifa Steel Industries is an Exclusive Distributor of Emirates Steel and has pioneered in integral & constant stability meeting client’s demand for steel products, ranging from Deformed Steel bars - Cut and Bend, Welded Wire Steel Mesh, Reinforcement Re-bars and other building material.
Through the advanced strategies of the Management Team, our clients enjoy and avail the full range of the products and services at their convenience. All our employees believe in the timely accomplishment of tasks and treat every customer’s requirement individually.
Khalifa Steel Industries recognizes the importance and contribution from all the employees and considers them as most valuable assets of the company. Teamwork is a key to success at Khalifa Steel Industries.
Officers and staff are well trained so that all efforts are harmonious and unified. All the company personnel are dedicated to working for the advancement of Khalifa Steel Industries, customer welfare and the common goals.
The success of Khalifa Steel Industries is mainly attributed to its Chief Executive Officer, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al-Thani. With his wise decisions and right guidance the management is able to implement its expertise in the business and make the company flourish even during the most difficult times.
There is an inevitable need of organizations that could be a part and pillar of Qatar's growth story and we are honored to be one of them!

- Mr. Murad Taymaskhanov - Managing Director