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Developing our products to ensure the highest quality is not just a statement, it is a mission and a commitment to customers that Khalifa Steel Industries has been delivering upon since the company was founded.

Khalifa Steel Industries is one of the fastest-growing steel manufacturers in Qatar.

Headquartered in New Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar, the 250-plus-employee company maintains offices in Qatar with offices in Industrial Area and Shahiniya.

Khalifa Steel Industries' headquarters and manufacturing facility in Doha New Industrial Area is a 11,058.4 square meter world-class facility that represents our continued investment to foster business and industry growth. Never satisfied with the status quo, the ongoing expansion of development and manufacturing capabilities emphasizes our commitment to continually raise the benchmark for value and quality in steel products and associated services.

Built in 2012, the facility features 3,900 square meters of production and development space, while nearly 650 square meters are devoted to executive and administrative offices. A 3,900 square meters, state-of-the-art manufacturing area boasts continuous-flow manufacturing lines, as well as automated cut and bend lines, welded wire mesh lines, assemblies, metal fabrication and weld shops. Additionally, we have our own in-house maintenance & laboratory facility of 55 square meter for inline production material testing.

Generous space is also devoted to shipping and receiving, featuring weighbridge for incoming and outgoing shipments, canopy for inventory storage, steel storage racks utilizing both LIFO & FIFO inventory methods, parts inventory warehouse. A dedicated 24/7 security check point inspecting all incoming and outgoing traffic from the facilities and offers excellent Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) facilities for visiting clients.

Our manufacturing facility implements quality assurance and control policy through the production process, managed and regulated by Standard Operating Procedures approved by our specialists and consultants, as well as on incoming and outgoing shipments, providing continuous product and process improvement. Khalifa Steel Industries operates a 2 Shift (8 hours each) production facility supervised by full time Health & Safety Officers.

As an approved manufacturer, Khalifa Steel Industries uses world renowned machinery and equipment supplied by leading European manufacturers to supply and assemble our equipment.

At Khalifa Steel Industries, we are committed to ensuring that every product manufactured is built to customer’s own requirements and constructed for safe operation, long-life and maintenance friendly metric.